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Editorial Design Of Print And Ebook For Diy Bookbinding, By Corliss-design


Editorial Design for Corliss Bookbinding

Editorial design for a print book and eBook about DIY bookbinding, that are self-published. If you want to know more about the books click HERE.

The color choice is black, white, and only one color, yellow. The reason for that is that it should also work on an eReader that only shows black and white. Thanks to the pureness of the yellow its intensity is as strong as if it were printed as a spot color, such as Pantone, but still uses CMYK.

The font choice is Interstate, a modern, clean, easy-to-read font, that works well both in print and digitally. Its character supports the clean design and vice versa.

The photos were taken in a bindery and at home while binding the books for the instructions. They act as an additional explanation to the text instructions but also help convey the atmosphere of a bindery and hand-bound books.

The illustrations were hand-drawn and scanned. There was no ruler used to keep the natural imperfections of straight lines which supports the DIY vibe.

The size was based on several facts:

  • the maximum print size of the print company, where two double pages could fit on one sheet of paper to avoid unnecessary paper waste
  • the preference of having roughly A5, but the ratio should be wider
  • being able to create a fold-out page with 3 pages altogether, that is still printable on the maximum print size
  • it should be similar to the ratio of an eReader and tablet so it also works well as an eBook

The editorial design, illustrations, photography, texts, and instructions were written and created by Stefanie | Corliss.

editorial design: analog drawn illustrations with fineliner for Buchbindebuch, by Corliss Design

2019 and 2020, self-publishing project by Stefanie | Corliss


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