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Let’s say, just hypothetically, you’re self-employed and your nephew made your business cards in some online tool and you think „Well…that doesn’t make me seem very professional…“. But you also want to be visually perceived as the professional that you are, that’s when I come into play:

I am Stefanie Schafzahl from Corliss Design and I help smaller businesses and entrepreneurs to have a professional visual appearance so that they can get more leads and make more sales.

Business cards are only one of the things I offer: branding, logo creation, magazines and books, package design and various kinds of advertisement material are also part of it. I am a graphic designer from Austria with a focus on branding, package design, print media, and calligraphy & lettering.

Things that excite me: running my fingers over quality paper and cardboard with haptic sensations (embossing, UV printing, etc.), unusual packaging and bookbinding methods, modern hand-lettering and calligraphy, the ocean and its inhabitants, mousse au chocolate, and Norway.

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