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Wilde Goas Logo In White On A Photo Of A Goat's Brown Fur - Brand Identity Design By Corliss Design


Brand Identity Design for Wilde GOAS

“Wilde GOAS”, in English “wild goat”, is a family-owned business that produces goat milk products, breeds goats and dogs (Terrier Brasileiro).

Bettina from Wilde GOAS asked me to design a logo for their new brand. As their brand is not only about goats but also about the Terrier Brasileiro, and maybe in the future other animals too, it was smarter not to use a goat symbol in the logo. This could have led to confusion when for example a dog breeder receives an invoice with their logo and is confused why there is a goat even though he bought a dog. Therefore we opted for a wordmark, a logo that contains only text. By combining two well-matching fonts in a stacked alignment it’s still easy to recognize the brand right away.

Logo Design for Wilde GOAS by Corliss. the logo is tested on different kinds of backgrounds to make sure it works no matter what background

In general, the logo is black, or white if used on dark backgrounds or photos. But occasionally they also need a clear distinction if it’s about goats or dogs, like for invoices. Therefore I also created a logo version that is specifically for the goats and another one that is only used for dog-related things. For additional distinction, these can be combined with a goat or dog symbol.

With the logo came also a new color and font world that fits their modern, yet natural products and mindset.

brand colors inspired by nature and the animals' fur colors - brand identity design by corliss design
The colors are inspired by the fur of the animals, the hue is more matt to emphasize the natural production. Because Bettina makes delicious milk products of various sorts there was also a need to come up with a fitting color system for the different types of goat cheese and yogurt. Inspired by the already used colors I came up with tones that are more natural and unique and also compatible with the brand colors.

The fonts are modern and have a few small characteristic details which fit perfectly for goats. The “GOAT” font is also used as the running text. It doesn’t only work well in print, but also on their website.

brand font for wilde goas - brand identity design by corliss design

Bettina is now equipped with a big folder of essential logo formats, whether that’s for digital or print use. The project is topped off with a handy style guide, which supports Bettina to stay consistent in her brand identity design. It includes information about the logo sizes, distances to keep to the logo in order to let it breathe and work properly, as well as the various codes of her brand colors and font cuts. Because a high-quality brand identity design can only work if it’s implemented in a consistent way.



2022, project for Wilde GOAS


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