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Salvation Logo In White On Red Background


Brand Identity Design for Salvation Yoga

When Eszter hired me to create the logo for “Salvation Yoga” she also asked if it was possible to join the creation process. So we decided to do a logo workshop together.

We talked about her vision, her values, and all the other important parts, that are essential for a good logo. Eszter currently offers traditional and holistic yoga and meditation. Not only for people who want to be more centered and strong but also for people who feel that they aren’t flexible enough, who have joint dispositions and other physical limitations. In the future, Eszter also wants to offer astrological assistance and has a big vision for the upcoming years, which we kept in mind during the creation.

First, we tried out various ideas with negative space and asanas, but they were too complex for a logo. Then we switched to symbols, that are not only part of astrology but also yoga: The sun and the moon.

Logo Variations for Salvation Yoga - by Corliss Design

We all have both parts in us, the goal of Hatha is to combine them:

  • On the left, it’s the moon, yin, passive, cold, parasympathetic nervous system, relaxation, “female”.
  • On the right, it’s the sun, yang, active, warm, sympathetic nervous system, tension, “male”.

We need both to be centered and balanced. And when you are balanced, salvation follows.

The colors are warm, earthy, and welcoming. The font choices are timeless, both modern and traditional, yet far from boring. This enables Eszter to attract a bigger audience, which wants to better connect with themself again and do something good for their body and mind.

typography choices for Salvation Yoga: a serif font for headlines, a sans-serif font for the running text and small additional informations

She has a big vision and I am very happy to support her on the design side of turning this amazing dream into a reality.

salvation logo on a picture of a woman meditating

Eszter is now equipped with a big folder of essential logo formats, both for digital and print use. This is essential for the next steps. The project is topped off with a handy style guide, which supports Eszter to stay consistent in her brand identity design. It includes information about the logo sizes, distances to keep to the logo in order to let it breathe and work properly, as well as the various codes of her brand colors and font cuts. A high-quality brand identity design can only work if it’s implemented in a consistent way.



2022, project for Salvation Yoga

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