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Brand Identity Design For Maja Sinkovec Performance Marketing, By Corliss-design


Brand Identity Design for Maja Marketing

Maja Šinkovec is a top performance marketing strategist and an absolute startup enthusiast! Her areas of expertise are Google Ads and Youtube Ads.

Maja wanted to invest in a professional brand identity design and asked me to create a logo and business cards for her. She already had her colors and her font, but she felt, that something was still missing to make her expert status complete.

sketches for the logo for Maja Marketing to create her brand design, by Corliss Design

To start this exciting journey, we explored the style of logo she feels comfortable with first. It needs to suit her personality and also attract her target group. After deciding on the general style, I did some first sketches, then I played more around with them digitally. I selected the best options and showed them to Maja. After two rounds of feedback, we finalized the logo creation and started with the business cards.

Maja is now equipped with a big folder of essential logo formats, whether that’s for digital or print use. Her business cards help her to be perceived as a professional by her potential clients and to be kept in their minds.

The project is topped off with a handy style guide, which supports Maja to stay consistent in her brand identity design. It includes information about the logo sizes, distances to keep to the logo in order to let it breathe and work properly, as well as the various codes of her brand colors and font cuts. Because a high-quality brand identity design can only work if it’s implemented in a consistent way.

When Maja proudly hands out her business cards to potential clients, she can be sure that they will think of her as the professional business owner, that she is. Because her investment in high-quality work was worth it.

from logo sketch on paper to logo sketches on the ipad to the final business cards for brand identity design, by Corliss Design


2021, project for Maja Šinkovec

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