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corporate/brand design logo for branding of Corliss Design on business cards done with letterpress printing


The mission is to create high-quality, eye-catching, and cohesive designs to help smaller businesses and entrepreneurs to have a professional visual appearance so that they get perceived as experts by their leads and can make more sales.


Away with templates that 13,251 other people use as well. Away with cheap design that is without deeper thought and intention. The vision is to create designs that are custom-tailored specifically for the company or person, their needs and requirements, and the final purpose.

Start-ups often don’t have the financial resources at the beginning to afford high-quality design, yet it’s essential for them to stand out and be recognized as professionals. Therefore several payment packages and solutions are offered to make it accessible for them as well.

As designers, we not only have the chance but the obligation to make our own contribution to a more sustainable society. Doing whatever is possible to reduce the impacts and act mindfully helps enormously to go easy on the resources. 

But this isn’t enough, so a for-purpose model gets integrated: Every year a certain percentage of the profit (appr. 3 %) is donated to NGOs/organizations. Those NGOs/organizations mainly work in the field of protection and/or marine research for the oceans and animals. Those NGOs/organizations will be introduced to the audience and clients, so they know which organization they supported indirectly. The audience and clients can also suggest NGOs/organizations they believe would benefit from a donation and help conserve nature.

This for-purpose model means the clients don’t just invest in themselves and their business but also do good for our planet and future generations by doing so. Here you can learn more about the model.

Photo of the Atlantic ocean while sailing around the coast of Ireland.
© Stefanie Schafzahl

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