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✨  Creativity & individuality & authenticity:

I don’t use templates that 13,251 other people use as well. I offer high-quality designs that are tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of the clients. 

I want to be the way I am, and I want my clients to be themselves too. 

✨  Reliability & respect & honesty:

in dealing with the clients, the partners, the suppliers, but also with nature. For me, that also means professionally handling the business: clear communication, sticking to deadlines, payment in due time.

✨  Freedom & self-determination:

I decide on my time management. I decide if I work from home or from abroad. I decide when I go on holiday and for how long. Self-determination and clear communication with my clients makes this possible.

✨  Sustainability & protection of the environment:

There’s so much we can do with small steps, both in our private as well as in our business life. It’s a matter of the heart for me to go easy on resources, reduce waste, reduce single-use plastic and try to keep my ecological footprint low.

Do you share those values and want to work with me?

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