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Package Design Wanderlust Folding Box For Camera With City Map Of Helsinki Inside, Closed Box
Package Design for a Camera

In the 5th semester we had a package design course. Our final task was to create a package for the topic „value“. It was our own decision how to interpret it, it just had to be a cardboard package. This is my final result:

A friend is going on a trip? Great! Let it be unforgettable with this camera travel set. It comes with a camera, that is not just easy to handle, it also has a waterproof case, which makes it suitable for all kinds of trips. Also the packaging comes with a second purpose: it works entirely without glue so you can fold it apart and use it as a city map! You don’t want to carry a big piece of paper? No problem, the perforation on the sides allows you to adjust it to your preference. At the front there is a piece of paper which works as a picture frame. There you can stick one of the photos on the inner backside.
The camera is reusable, good for you and good for the environment.

2017, University of Applied Sciences, FH Joanneum

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