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Corporate Design For Pfotenbalance, Business Cards Flatlay In Grid With Logos On Front Side-by Corliss Design


Corporate Design for a dietary adviser for dogs

Katharina of Pfotenbalance is a truly passionate dog owner who helped her dogs, who suffered from severe digestive problems, by changing their diet. Her aim is to support and give advice to other dog owners who want to provide for their dogs in a species-appropriate way.

Katharina knew she needed some elements of a professional corporate design as a new business owner, so she asked me if I could create a logo and guide her with color decisions.

First, we talked about the style of the logo. Katharina already had a rough idea of holding a paw in the hands to communicate “I take care of you”. She also wanted to keep it playful so the type of font we chose is a combination of the script “Lobster” for headlines and the clean font “Josefin Sans” for the running text.

sketches for the logo as an element of the corporate design for Pfotenbalance, by Corliss Design

After some sketching and two feedback loops, I came up with a logo and a cohesive color and font world for the company’s corporate design.

Furthermore, I also created an email signature and a template for her to use for her program sheets and invoices. Additionally, a style guide helps to stay consistent in the corporate design. So now Katharina is well equipped with the basics to run her company successfully.

logo sketches on ipad, business cards front and back plus template for invoices and nutrition advice sheets for Pfotenbalance. Corporate Design by Corliss Design



2020, project for Pfotenbalance

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