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Finally, I made the corporate design for my own company! After months of looking for a suitable name, I decided to go by the name, that I use on Facebook since 2012: Corliss, my pirate name ūüėȬ†

I’m a passionate diver, sailor, and general lover of adventure, the ocean, and nature. My favorite color is petrol (well, after black). Suddenly, it all came together like a puzzle: The C of Corliss turned into a wave, the color world was crystal clear (I call them “Lofoten”, “Sand”, and another rarely used accent color is called “Caribbean”). I could add on a for-purpose model, that does good and supports a cause that is close to my heart as well.

Are you curious about the pirate name or the for-purpose model? More about that can be found in the “About” section soon!
Font: “Facundo”
Letterpress by Infinitive Factory in Graz, Austria. 
The used paper is: 


2020, project for Corliss Design

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