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Flatlay Of The Brand Identity Design For Corliss Design, Shown Are The Business Cards, An A4 Invoice Paper, The Stickers, The Stamp, An Envelope With A Wax Seal With The Logo, The Wax Seal Stamp And A Hand-bound Booklet With A Logo Embossing


Brand Identity Design for Corliss Design

Finally, I made the brand identity design for my own company! After months of looking for a suitable name, I decided to go by the name, that I use on Facebook since 2012 and that somewhat turned into an alter ego already: Corliss, my pirate name.

I’m a passionate diver, sailor, and general lover of adventure, the ocean, and nature. My favorite color is petrol (well, after black). Suddenly, it all came together like a puzzle: The C of Corliss turned into a wave and the color world was crystal clear. The colors are called “Lofoten”, “Sand”, and another rarely used accent color is called “Caribbean”.

corliss design color world as part of the brand identity design

As a typography lover, the font choice was quite a journey of exploring and comparing hundreds of fonts until I found exactly what I was looking for: straight, geometric, clean, honest, not a Google Font that is excessively used, and of course easy to read. Additionally, the font has to fulfill certain personal typographic preferences, such as pointed tips at A, M, N, V, and W in all font cuts. The name of the chosen font: Facundo.

Corliss Design stands for high-quality, professional work. The brand identity design has to represent this: carefully selected branding measures that keep sustainability, one of the core values, in mind and the quality of the chosen materials is important.

Brand Identity Design for Corliss Design


Design Decision and Manufacturing Details: 

Letterpress of the business cards is printed by Infinitive Factory in Graz, Austria. 

The used paper is:

The wax seal stamp is crafted by Papira Design & Letterpress in Romania.

The stamp is manufactured by Stempelshop in Wels, Austria.

The stickers made out of grass paper are produced by Fixum Creative Technology GmbH in Germany.

As there is rarely anything sent by mail, I decided not to design envelopes. Instead, I ordered several sheets of the Gmundpaper Color Paper n.91 in various paperweights and use it for whatever is necessary, for example, to make envelopes when needed.

The pamphlet is hand-bound and also uses the Gmund paper as a cover. The logo is applied manually with the embossing method.

I want to add on a for-purpose model, that does good and supports a cause that is close to my heart as well. Are you curious about the pirate name or the for-purpose model? More about that can be found here!

Honestly, it is strange to write about how happy and excited my brand identity design, that I designed for myself, makes me. But I want YOU to have this feeling as well and give you an insight into what it feels like to have a brand identity design that truly represents you and is of high quality:

When I give someone my business card it always creates a wow-effect for the recipient. At this moment I am proud and happy because I know my first impression is a professional one. When I send a client an invoice, I know the invoice is designed in a way that is clear and understandable, plus it is designed printer-friendly in case someone wants to print it. On the rare occasions that I send something via mail adding a stamp or a sticker with the logo makes me proud. And the wax seal stamp? Admittedly, it’s a little dream come true to have my own. I can’t wait to make Christmas presents for my clients and partners, folding fancy origami envelopes and adding the seal for extra fanciness. I want you to have this feeling as well!



2020 – today, Brand Identity Design for Corliss Design


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