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Did you know, that a unique package design can often be deciding whether a product is bought spontaneously or not? This is because we very often decide on products based on their visual appearance. Also, the majority of our decisions are not made consciously but subconsciously.

The first impression can attract someone’s attention while strolling along the aisle of a store, which is especially necessary if they don’t know your product yet. The design can also help buyers to recognize your brand and make it stand out. Plus, if they want to buy your product again the design helps to find your product easier and faster in the overabundance of options. 

So the packaging is way more than just protection for your product and its value definitely shouldn’t be underestimated!


– an eye-catcher
– branding your product
– advertisement for your company
– a way of informing potential buyers about the product

And it helps to create customer loyalty, which results in increased sales.

Are YOU looking for a unique design for outer packaging (cardboard boxes, plastic bags, etc)?
Or do you need high-quality labels for your wine, gin, honey, jam, or other bottled goods?
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package and label design for pumpkin seed oil bottles. on the label there is an illustration of a pumpkin flower and leaves.
elegant package design for Little Austria, a company that sells apple strudels in the USA.
Beer Labels for BP Gastro Bar, one colored line pattern with different colors for different types of beer
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