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Common questions related to Branding or Package Design projects:

If you have a question that is not answered here or need more info don’t hesitate to get in contact!

How can a graphic designer help me to increase awareness of my brand/company/service?

A professional graphic designer can help you be perceived as a competent, professional, and successful business by your target audience. A high-quality and uniquely created design can help to attract your dream clients and increase sales, create a competitive market position, be recognized and remembered by your (potential) clients and buyers, and increase customer loyalty. 
All of this is done through strategic choices in the design creation.

My company already has a corporate design, but we want to make it look more professional/modern/more attractive for our target group. Do you also offer a redesign from something already existing?

Yes, absolutely!

How much does a logo cost?

That depends on various factors but a big one is where your company operates (locally, regionally, nationally, Europe-wide, worldwide). Send me a message here to get on a free introduction call where I can get to know you and your business and requirements.

What is included in the cost of a logo project? 

– all necessary file formats for both print and web in the respectively correct color spaces
– favicon for the website (the tiny symbol in the tab of your browser) 
– legal right of use according to the necessity (location, continuous use, without purpose limitation)
– defined colors and typography
– research
– style-guide with helpful information on the correct fonts, colors, and logo requirements in regards to size and placement

Why are logos expensive? 

A logo is the very base, the most important part of your business’ visual representation. That means it’s necessary for any kind of marketing, advertisement, and communication medium that visually represents your company and is therefore used constantly. A lot of work goes into a logo and should be created with intention and strategy. This takes time.

Additionally, there are the costs of the legal right of use.  A logo is an artistic work and therefore legal rights of use are applicable. The costs vary depending on:
– the type: the exclusive right of use or non-exclusive right of use (for a logo: the exclusive right of use)
– time limit: one time, 1 year, continuous use (for a logo: continuous) 
– operational area: local, regional, national, Europe-wide, worldwide
Just to name a few.

Here is a link to a usage right calculator that I use as a guideline: 

How long does it take to create a logo?

Depending on the complexity, my capacities, and how well the collaboration with the client works it takes usually between 1-2 weeks. Of course, if I need to wait longer for feedback, the project takes longer as well. 

How long does the creation of a packaging design take? 

Depending on the complexity, the amount (is it just for one sort, or are there various types of flavors, etc.) my capacities, and how well the collaboration with the client works it takes usually between 3-16 weeks. Of course, if I need to wait longer for files or feedback from the client, the project takes longer as well. 

A logo is needed in vector, what does this mean exactly?

If the design is based on pixels, it means it’s made out of lots of little squares (pixels). If the size of the design needs to increase there will be a loss of quality as the size of pixels increases. If you open a file and zoom in a lot and can see little squares, it means it’s pixel-based.

If the design is based on vectors, the enlargement of the design won’t suffer from a lack of quality, no matter how big you make it and how often you reduce the size and increase it again. This is because vectors are based on mathematical formulas. If you open a file and zoom in a lot and don’t see little squares but the edges of the elements are always sharp, it means it’s vector-based.

Vector-based files: eps, ai, svg
Pixel-based files: jpg, gif, png, tiff

Why is the quality of the photos from my website not good enough for printing?

The quality of pictures on the internet is usually 72ppi (pixel per inch) but to ensure a good printing quality the pictures need to have 300ppi. 

Why am I not allowed to use photos from the internet for commercial use without buying them?

Because photos are also artistic work and protected by copyright. Therefore you can only use photos, that are taken by someone else, for commercial use if you buy the legal rights of use.

Why can you not ensure that I see the colors on my screen correctly?

Every device displays colors differently: your laptop shows colors differently than your phone and your tablet. If your monitor isn’t calibrated the color fastness can’t be ensured.

Why do colors look different in print than they looked on the screen?

Because screens use the RGB (red-green-blue) color space, but print uses CMYK (cyan-magenta-yellow-key). The RGB color space is much bigger than CMYK, so colors often get altered if they can’t be produced in CMYK.

Can I also have the files in which the designs were created?

Unless you also purchase the right to edit my work, no. The costs of this right are covered separately and are 3x of the production costs.

Want to work with me? Send me a message HERE to get on a free introduction call so I can craft a tailor-made offer according to your requirements.

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