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As designers, we not only have the chance but the obligation to make our own contribution to a more sustainable society. Doing whatever is possible to reduce the impacts and act mindfully helps enormously to go easy on the resources. 

But this isn’t enough, so a for-purpose model gets integrated: Every year a percentage of the profit (approximately 3 %) is donated to NGOs/organizations. Those NGOs/organizations mainly work in the field of protection and/or marine research for the oceans and animals. Those NGOs/organizations will be introduced to the audience and clients, so they know which organization they supported indirectly. The audience and clients can also suggest NGOs/organizations they believe would benefit from a donation and help conserve nature.

This for-purpose model means the clients don’t just invest in themselves but also do good for our planet and future generations by doing so.

ocean surface at the irish coast with great weather and blue sky

© Stefanie Schafzahl

NGOs, organizations, and collaborations I donated to:

2022: Project Manaia

Project Manaia is a small but growing Ocean Conservation NGO (Nonprofit Organization) based in Austria that works at Sea. They are crossing the Mediterranean on a mission to preserve Seagrass, investigate invasive species and clear out marine debris.

NGOs, organizations, and collaborations I plan to donate to:

Flossie & the beach cleaners

Flossie and the Beach Cleaners is a registered marine environmental charity based in Ireland. They are passionate about saving our seas and sea creatures from the ravages of plastic pollution and host regular beach cleaning, junior and senior school workshops, and clean-up events.

Do you know an organization that does something important for our oceans, and therefore for us?
Send me a message and let me know!

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