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Let’s get your business to the next level!

If you already have a design – whether it’s a logo, a package design, a brochure, or a presentation – and want a designer to have a professional look at it you can book a 30 minutes call with me.

In these 30 minutes, we will walk through what is good and what you can improve. Afterward, you will get a PDF with action steps so you can improve it yourself. Of course, you can also hire me to do it for you.

Be aware, that if you hired a designer to design your logo, package design, etc., you are NOT allowed to change things by yourself as it is protected by copyright! However, if you purchased the right to edit as well or created it yourself, then it’s alright to edit.

Stefanie focussing on how to improve an already existing design during consultation.

For more information or to book a date send me a message:

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